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Anchor truck

Сrane-boring machine (anchor truck) BM-205V is presented as a special rig installed on a base tractor MTZ-82.1. This anchor truck is used in industrial and civil constructions for a hole boring for pile foundations. Crane-boring machine BM-205V is intended for a hole boring in non-frozen grounds of 1-4 categories and permanently frozen grounds.

Main technical characteristic:

Maximum drilling depth, m 2
Drilling diameter, m 0,36; 0,50; 0,63; 0,80
Type of the main drilling tool Wing drill
Type of drilling Cyclical
Drilling angle, degrees 60−102
Maximum turning moment on a drilling tool, Nm 4900
Максимальное усилие подачи бурильного инструмента, кН 24,5
Type of drive for supply, rotation of a drilling tool and a crane facility Hydraulic
Rounds per minute of a drilling tool, r/min 40-90
Sizes in tranposrting and working positions, mm
Lenght/ Width/ Height 6020/2012/3400(5780)
Transport speed, km/h 20
Specific control fuel consumption in drilling mode, liters 13
Volume of fuel tank on MTZ 82.1, liters 130


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