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The BG 20V rotary drilling rig has an operating weight of approx. 70 tons and a torque of 200 kNm. It is ideally situated for the following works:

  • Drilling cased boreholes (installation of casing by a rotary drive, optionally by a hydraulic oscillator - both are powered by the drilling rig);
  • Drilling uncased deep boreholes that are stabilized by drilling fluid;
  • Drilling boreholes with the help of long hollow stem augers (CFA tehnology), with or without a kelly-extensions;
  • Special drilling methods such as FOW piles, full displacement drilling (FDP method), soil mixing wall systems (SMW and CSM).

Drilling process with the basic equipment:

  • Kelly drilling (without casing oscillator);
  • CFA drilling (pre-equipped with hydraulic and electric installations)
  • FDP Full-Displacement-Piling (pre-equipped with hydraulic and electric installations).
  • Main technical characteristics

    Overall Height 22,86 m
    Operating weight (approx.) (with kelly BK20/368/3/21) 70 000 kg
    Rotary drive KDK 200K
    Torque at 300 bar (nominal) 200 kNm
    Speed of rotation, max 35 rounds/min
    Crowd system  
    Crowd force push/push 205 / 210 kN
    Stroke (kelly system) 8 250 mm (6 700 mm)
    Stroke (auger system CFA) 14 000/13 650 mm
    Speed (down/up) 7,0 / 7,0 m/min (5,0/7,0 m/min)
    Fast speed (down/up) 25 / 25 m/min (20/20 m/min)
    Main winch  
    Winch classification M6 / L3 / T5
    Line pull (1st layer), (effective/nominal) 170 кN/218 кN
    Rope diameter/Lenght 26 mm / 66 m
    Line speed max 56 m/min
    Auxiliary winch  
    Winch classification M6 / L3 / T5
    Line pull (1st layer), (effective/nominal) 55кН/70 кN
    Rope diameter/Lenght 15 mm / 50 m
    Line speed max 90 m/min
    Mast inclination   
    Backward/ Forward/ Laterla 15° / 5° / 5°


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