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Concrete pumps

During bored piles installation KGS-Astana LLP applies the following concrete pumps: SOILMEC P6.80  и WAITZINGER THP-70D.

Soilmec Р6.80

Concrete pumps Soilmec P6.80 have been developed by the SOILMEC company specialists. These concrete pumps are caterpillar and intended for operation with boring rigs during piles installation by the CFA technology.

One of the main advantages of such concrete pumps is the following: these pumps can be installed close to any hydraulic rotor boring rig.

  • Main technical characteristics of SOILMEC P6.80

    Power capacity  (h.p.) 150
    Cylinders diameter (mm) 200
    Cylinder travel (mm) 1400
    Cycles per minute (n) 30
    Butch truck volume (lit) 450
    Productivity (cub.m. per hour) 79
    Pressure (bar) 50
    Productivity of air compressor (liter/min) 1050
    Pressure of air compressor (bar) 10
    Delivery pipe diameter (mm) 125-150
    Weight (kg) 7000
    Size parameters  
    А (mm) 4700
    В (mm) 1300

Waitzinger ТНР-70D

Stationary concrete pumps by Waitzinger Company have been developed for working in heavy construction conditions, for pumping of heavy concrete mix. Waitzinger concrete pumps can be characterized as very reliable equipment with high-quality units, very good build quality, high productivity and very easy to use.


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