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Driving of reinforced concrete piles

Mainly driven reinforced concrete piles can be with the square section: solid piles with the lateral reinforcement of a pile shaft (length 3-20m), solid piles without the lateral reinforcement (length 3-12 m) and with the circular cavity (length 3-8m). Also in construction there can be used reinforced concrete piles with another cut: hollow round piles (diameter 400-800mm, length 4-12m), shell-type concrete piles (diameter 1000-3000mm, length 6-12m). Sometimes for mast structures it is possible to apply steel screw piles.

KGS-Astana LLP was the first company in Kazakhstan who started to use hydraulic hammers for driving of reinforced concrete piles with the square section, metal pipes, as well as sheet-pilings by means of the impact energy of the hydraulic hammers.

The specific feature of such equipment is a capability to adjust the blow energy from the minimum to the maximum level. The hammer blow energy can be adjusted depending on a soil type. The equipment enables to drive piles up to the maximum length of 16m and diameter 40x40cm.

To increase an efficiency of pilling works under the narrow urban conditions of the Astana construction sites KGS-Astana LLP has decided to use the Junttan pile-driving equipment.

The main features of the Junttan rigs are the small external dimensions, the perfect maneuverability, the reduced transport weight and the powerful hammers.

The rigs have enough blow energy to drive piles and can be transported without any problems. It is not required to fulfill a special preparation of a construction site to mobilize the rigs.

Ecological and external advantages from the hydraulic hammers:

  • Reliability, absence of failure, simple to use, all-season, all-weather;
  • Blow energy adjustment;
  • Minimal seismic impact to soils that enables to fulfill piling works in the narrow urban zone, without any danger to the nearby buildings;
  • Productivity is higher in 2 times comparing with the similar pile-driving equipment;
  • Low level of noise;
  • No exhaust gases, ecological clean;
  • Low vibrations;
  • Operative mobility.


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