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For effective work KGS-Astana LLP applies excavator-loader JCB-4CХ Т-МАХ produced by J.C. Bamford Excavators Limited (United Kingdom).

Here are some technical improvements developed by the JCB specialists:

  • mechanical system for compenstaion of a bucket slope angel at boom lifting excluding material spillage at loading;
  • hydraulic unit for moving of excavator mountings (JCB Powerslide);
  • vibrations compensating system at movements (SRS);
  • adjustable sliding bed plates of outriggers and telescopic extension device (Extradig) and etc.

All these technical decisions are for security, simple use and comfort at using. This results increasing of productivity and achieving of assigned tasks.

Main technical characteristics:

Weight: 8.66 t.
Excavator bucket: 0.48 m.
Digging depth 4.77 m.
Excavator unloading height 2.64 m.
loading-unloading height 3.19 m.
Loading bucket 1.1 m.
Chassis: Pneumatical - 4WS
Type of engine: JCB
Power of engine: 74,2 kV


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