Full displacement piles (FDP) without soils excavation (diameter 410mm, depth up to 20m)

This technology implies drilling of a borehole by a specific boring head that can compact all ground up to the design depth. The borehole concreting is performed through a hole in the boring head with the help of a concrete pump. Next using a vibrator or a special crane a reinforced frame should be immersed into the borehole up to the design depth.

This technology of bored piles installation allows drilling of a borehole without soils excavation.

Advantages and specifics of the technology:

  1. High productiveness and high pile capacity.
  2. High quality of a borehole’s concreting as concrete is delivered under pressure.
  3. Exact location of a pile according to a project and adherence to a vertical position of a pile (testing by an on-board computer).
  4. Pile drilling in dense sand layers (a specific boring head properly mounted on a drilling body).
  5. No muck and drilling cuttings on a site.
  6. Driving of a reinforced frame is required using of a vibrator.


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2015 KGS-Astana