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Laboratory equipment

To provide testing of soils and piles KGS-Astana LLP applies the following laboratory equipment and devices:

Name Description
1 Laboratory complex «Controls» (Italy), test of soils to determine deformation characteristics of soil foundation
2 Laboratory complex «Controls» (Italy), test of soils to determine the maximum consistency of soils at foundation compressing
3 Moisture meter «Controls» (Italy), electronic, automatic
4 Standard compression device «Controls» (Italy), automatic, proctor-test
5 Equipment for static tests of piles «Controls» (Italy), in a set with a jack, a manometer and a pump, b/c 200 ton-force
6 Equipment for plate tests «Controls» (Italy) in a set with a jack, a pump, a manometer, a hose and a removable hose
7 Triaxial compression device «Controls» (Italy) in a set, automatic
8 Laboratory scales Electronic up to 3 kg, accuracy 0,01gr.
Electronic «Controls» (Italy) up to 20 kg, accuracy 1 gr.
9 FPDS-6 device «Pile integrity testing» Ultrasonic device to determine integrity of all types of piles and reinforced concrete structures
10 Electronic device to measure concrete strength IPS-MG4, determination of concrete strength in concrete structures
11 Electronic device to measure a thickness of protective layer IPA-MG-4, determination of thickness of concrete protective layer
12 Deflectometer 6PAO, to measure displacement of single points of constructions during loading by static loads, no limits of measurement, scale interval – 0.01mm
13 Jacks DG-100, b/c 100 tf and DG-200, b/c 200 tf
14 Pumps NSR-400, MNSR-400, hydraulic
15 Manometers MTP-160, MP-3, MO-600
16 Loading foots Metal, concrete blocks (by 1000 kg.)
17 Anchor system set Heavy (weight 1500 kg), middle (weight 480 kg), light (weight 60 kg).


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