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List of services by the License

List of types of works (services) in the field of architectural, town–planning and construction activities realized by the kgs-astana llp according to the license

А. Survey works for construction:

1. Engineering and geodesic investigation:

  • Construction (development) of supporting geodesic systems;
  • Erection of geodesic beacons and survey markers;
  • Installation of geodesic centers;
  • Framing of target altimetric survey networks;
  • Topographical survey in scales 1:10000-1:200;
  • Survey of underground communications and structures;
  • Tracing and surveying of line structures;
  • Engineering and hydro geological works;
  • Geodesic works related to transferring of engineering and geological excavations, geophysical and other points of investigations to life-size connection;
  • Geodesic stationary observations of deformation of buildings, structures and earth surface within the areas where are development of dangerous natural and man-caused processes;
  • Engineering and geodesic support of information systems of the State cadastres.

2. Engineering and geological investigations:

  • Engineering and geological reconnaissance and survey;
  • Boring works;
  • Cutting of excavations (mine workings);
  • Geophysical researches;
  • Field investigations of soils;
  • Hydro geological researches;
  • Stationary observations;
  • Laboratory tests of soils, underground waters, foundations and basis;
  • Seismic microzoning;
  • Investigations of soil foundations of existent structures and buildings.

3. Quality control of survey works fulfilled by any legal or individual person rendering consulting services.

4. Engineering services during the execution of survey works.

B. Design works for construction:

1. Structure design and construction:

  • Foundation and basis;
  • Concrete and reinforced concrete, stoned and reinforced stoned constructions;
  • Steel and aluminum constructions;
  •  Wooden constructions;
  • Complete overhaul, reconstruction of buildings and structures, reinforcement of constructions.

2. Evaluation of reliability and stability of functioning of existent buildings and structures:

  • Investigation of technical condition of buildings and structures;
  • Investigations of engineering systems and communications, including motor roads and railways and their foundations.

3. Engineering services during the design works.

C. Expert works:

1. Reviewing of some sections of project documentations and design estimates in the field of architecture, town-planning and construction fulfilled by any subject of a market.

D. Production of construction materials, goods and structures:

1. Quality control of goods fulfilled by specialized laboratories.

E. Building and construction works:

1. Geodesic works on a construction site;

2. Special works in soils:

  • Drilling and boring;
  • Underwater technical and on a sea shelf;
  • Installation of cutoff curtains, soil densification and lowering of underground water level.

3. Erection of bearing and framing structures of buildings:

  • Installation of foundation and basis;
  • Pile works;
  • Installation of build-up concrete and reinforced concrete constructions;
  • Installation of framing constructions and blanking.

4. Quality control of building and construction works fulfilled by a subject of a market:

  • Technological support of construction process.

5. Engineering services during the building and construction works.


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