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The BG 20V rotary drilling rig has an operating weight of approx. 70 tons and a torque of 200 kNm. It is ideally situated for the following works: Drilling cased boreholes (installation of casing by a rotary drive, optionally by a hydraulic oscillator - both are powered by the drilling rig); Drilling uncased deep boreholes that are stabilized by drilling fluid; Drilling boreholes with the help of long hollow stem augers (CFA tehnology), with or without a kelly-extensions; Special drilling methods such as FOW piles, full displacement drilling (FDP method), soil mixing wall systems (SMW and CSM).


Junttan OY Company specializes in developing and manufacturing of hydraulic multifunctional equipment. This equipment combines high reliability, using and introducing of systems for different soils conditions and environment - thhis is the development strategy of the Company. The constructive features of Junttan equipment: extendable tracks; low center of gravity; compact transport dimensions; powerful winches; horizontal movement of a leader ensures fast spotting of the pile; up-to-date hydraulic and electric systems.


SOILMEC S.p.A (Italy) was established in 1969 for design and production of new equipment, development of new technologies in the field of foundation engineering, underground construction and oil and gas extraction.   SOILMEC CM-70 SOILMEC СМ-70 is hydraulic and completely self-erected drilling rig for bored piles installation by the CFA technology (caterpillar). This equipment is high-quality, reliable, simple to use and is produced with the help of the newest technologies. The undercarriage of SOILMEC CM-70 was specially developed by the SOILMEC specialists for drilling rigs in light of the foundation engineering specification.


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