Our Operations

main services

1. Installation of pile foundations:

A. Installation of bored piles:

  • CFA technology (Continuous Flight Auger) with diameter 600mm/450mm depth up to 28m;
  • Full displacement piles without soils excavation with diameter 410mm, depth up to 20m;
  • By a kelly-bar with or without a casing pipe, diameter 620mm, depth up to 31m.

B. Driving of reinforced concrete piles with cut 30x30cm, 35x35cm, 40x40cm, depth up to 16m by hydraulic pile-driving equipment.

2. Testing of all types of piles by static and dynamic loads.

3. Integrity tests of all types of piles.

4. Plate load tests of soils for determination of the deformation coefficient.

5. Engineering and geological survey.

6. Engineering services during the survey and design works.

7. Testing and technical diagnosis of structures’ frameworks.

8. Designing of basis and foundations for structures.

9. Scientific and technical support of the whole process of construction.

10. Geotechnical control.

11. Expert works.

12. Technical consulting services related to installation of pile foundations, engineering preparation of a construction site.



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