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Crane – manipulators can be used to transport a wide range of goods and cargo, to load and unload different materials and equipment, to evacuate with the full loading any wheel or caterpillar machine, as well as damaged cars with broken traveling gear and etc.

All manipulators are equipped with the required rigging arrangement and devices: gangways, hoist cables, strapper belts and etc. During transportation of big cargo a crane beam of manipulator can be assembled forwards in front of a driver cabin. If you need to move out-off-gage load you can open the manipulators sides.

The technical base of KGS-Astana KKP includes a crane-manipulator by Mitsubishi Fuso. Here are the main technical characteristics:

• Crane reach - 8 meters;

• Jacking capacity – 3 tons;

• Axel arrangement – 4x2 (rear wheel drive);

• Power of engine – 120 kV (1663 h.p.);

• Type of engine – diesel;

• Permittable mass – 7 830 kg;

• Weight without loading – 4 kg


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