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To increase the efficiency of our work and better the quality of our services for the Clients KGS Astana LLP is planning to upgrade its production capacity by purchasing more advanced equipment. In this way we will be able to provide our Customers new types of services that were not available before within the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The development strategy of the Company up to 2011 involves developing of new types of services, purchasing of equipment, introducing of new technologies and developing of new markets:

1. Entrance to the market of the foundation works of the CIS countries;

2. Expansion and enlargement of the quality of our services by means of:

  1. Personnel training in training centers of the most significant providers of the foundation equipment;
  2. Attraction of the high qualified professionals to fulfill works;
  3. Construction of the Company’s production base.

In the future we are planning to update and modernize our technical park and purchase the following equipment:

• Caterpillar foundation crane with the bearing capacity up to 70 tons;

• Specific short-based rough terrain crane with the bearing capacity up to 40 tons;

• Boring rig to install piles of big diameter (piles diameter is up to 1.5 meter, depth is up to 50 meters);

• Multifunctional boring rig with the torque moment is not less that 250 kN to install piles of big diameter, as well as using the CFA and FDP (full displacement piles) methods;

• Jet Grounting equipment;

• Hydraulic caterpillar crane with the bearing capacity up to 120 tons;

• Automated equipment to fulfill the static sounding tests of soils with the pressure up to 20 tons;

• Equipment to install anchors, micropiles, «slurry-type walls» for underground structers;

• The newest technologically effective equipment to complete the support auxiliary works and provide any maintenance and repair works of heavy hydraulic machineries.


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