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Purposes and tasks

KGS-Astana LLP is a pioneer among the Kazakhstani companies in introduction of new technologies in the filed of foundation engineering. Our activity is aimed to the following purposes and tasks:

• Improvement of the quality control of performed works;

• Economic efficiency;

• Availability of services for our customers;

• Fulfillment of the extra difficult foundation works;

• Introduction of new technologies in the geotechnical services, application the newest methods on the Kazakhstani soils;

• Study of the latest technologies to install pile foundations and their application in Kazakhstan;

• Development of the corporate spirit;

• Improvement of the personnel qualification.

The purpose of our activity is to render high-quality services in the field of pile foundations during a construction and a reconstruction of housing estates, civil and industrial structures within the Republic of Kazakhstan and etc.

Our task is to provide our Customers with the professional and comprehensive approach to their individual requirements and supply them an optimal solution. All works are fulfilled in a complex, within the shortest terms, by the professional, qualified and certified staff. Moreover we provide all required technical documentation for our works.


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