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Soilmec S.p.A

SOILMEC S.p.A (Italy) was established in 1969 for design and production of new equipment, development of new technologies in the field of foundation engineering, underground construction and oil and gas extraction.


SOILMEC СМ-70 is hydraulic and completely self-erected drilling rig for bored piles installation by the CFA technology (caterpillar). This equipment is high-quality, reliable, simple to use and is produced with the help of the newest technologies.

The undercarriage of SOILMEC CM-70 was specially developed by the SOILMEC specialists for drilling rigs in light of the foundation engineering specification. Modern control system, very comfortable and space cab enable to work more effectivelly,  make easier an operator works and accelerate fulfillment of tasks.

The CM-70 dimensions are very convenient for the narrow urban conditions. In the transport position it is possible to mobilize the rig with the minimum costs. At the same time the rig is very easy for transpormation from the transport to the operating position.

Its outstanding features are:

  • Completely self-erecting;
  • Up-to-date instrumentation;
  • High reliability and safety in the job-site;
  • Quick installation;
  • Extendable tracks from 2,5m до 3,9m;
  • Easy manoeuvrability;
  • Low transport costs;
  • High production;
  • Reduced transport dimensions.


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